Building a sustainable platform for ocean equity

One of our long-term goals is to build a sustainable platform for ocean equity governance long after Ocean Nexus completes its 10-year program. This will require training a new generation of ocean scientists who understand and promote the interconnectedness of humans and oceans.

This year, we launched a policy training course that is a deep-dive into the world of ocean governance– how it works (or doesn’t), how research is used (or isn’t), and how to bridge the gap. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 summer policy training course has been adapted to an all online format that began in October 2020. Twenty student fellows attend lectures, discussion groups and office hours scheduled at staggered times to allow participation across time zones.

2020 Policy Course Curriculum

Over the course of one academic year, students will learn to answer the questions:

  • What opportunities and mechanisms exist for fellows’ and PIs’ work to influence policy and management?
  • How can fellows and PIs improve their ability to posit or analyze theories of change, and how can their input improve policy/management outcomes on the ground?
  • How are decision-makers and the public likely to receive/understand fellows’ work, and how do language, framing, level of specificity, etc. influence that reception?
  • How can fellows and PIs craft research that will be of use to decision-makers, and understand the contexts in which their work may be used?
  • What are the dimensions of social equity and how can they be applied to ocean governance and related research?

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