Our work consists of five major categories:

Fellowship programs

We seek to train early-career scientists who are interested in a human-centered approach to oceans research. Our post-doctoral fellowship programs will develop a new generation of thought leaders who will advance new perspectives of ocean equity.

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Leadership development

Our policy training course is a deep-dive into the world of ocean governance– how it works (or doesn’t), how research is used (or isn’t), and how to bridge the gap.

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Trans-sectoral partnerships

Our unique approach combines social science research on equity, social change capacity-building and thought leadership expertise from all corners of the world, for holistic study of changes to oceans and impacts on the communities that rely on them. The result? Projects such as Ocean Data for Decision-Making (D4D) with the UW Information School, which democratizes data for communities to meaningfully engage with decision makers to solve complex environmental problems.

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Innovative oceans network

Nexus partnerships complement the vast network of natural science-based studies undertaken by Nereus Program researchers in order to generate innovative and multi-dimensional research that will bring clarity to decision makers in ocean governance. Our postdoctoral research scholar program invests in expanding the Nexus network to allow researchers to develop experience in the co-creation of knowledge, co-definition of research problems, and successfully linking science and decision-making.

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Critical scientific communication

Our goal is to fundamentally change how the oceans are governed so equity and justice are paramount in decision making. At this critical time, we believe that an integrative approach to science communication, engagement and outreach, beyond publication in peer-review journals, is fundamental to ensuring our applied research resonates with the people in charge.

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