Thank you for your interest in supporting Ocean Nexus. Our research is fully funded by our partnership with The Nippon Foundation. However there is still a way to get involved through a contribution to EarthLab’s Core Impact Fund. As a member of EarthLab, we benefit from their administrative and communications support. A gift to EarthLab supports an innovative approach to addressing complex environmental problems. In the comments section, please write “Ocean Nexus” so we earmark your gift appropriately.

“The staff at EarthLab make the complex administration of Ocean Nexus possible, but EarthLab is more than an administrative home. It represents a vision for a new university role in society. EarthLab provides the space where member organizations can adopt and amplify a transdisciplinary, cross-boundary approach to solving big environmental issues.”

—Yoshi Ota, Director, The Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center

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