Our vision: Oceans that benefit everyone equitably in a culturally relevant manner

Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center at UW EarthLab is a 10-year, $32.5 million collaboration with The Nippon Foundation, a global leader in bringing together justice and sustainability to the oceans for future generations.

Environmental changes in our oceans causes disparate health, well-being, economic and other impacts that vary across contexts and communities. But scientists and decision makers still lack the information necessary to implement equitable solutions that do not further disadvantage the marginalized, the disempowered, and those otherwise unable to equally access or benefit from oceans.

Using a unique interdisciplinary approach that combines social science and governance research, we study the changes, responses and solutions to societal issues of oceans. Our research informs evidence-based policies and bridges the gap between decision makers, policy makers and the people most dependent on the oceans.

From South East Asian sea nomads and Japanese oyster farmers to Pacific Island nations and U.S. coastal communities, our researchers aim to co-create transformation that directly benefits those impacted by misrepresentation and unjust ocean management and development.

Our Mission: To contribute to transforming ocean governance through scholarship, communication, and training a transdisciplinary and international network of researchers integrating human-centered tools, perspectives, evidence and narratives.



Our Strategy: A Transformative Planning Approach


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