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We aim to transform ocean governance so the oceans benefit everyone equitably in a culturally relevant manner.

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AIS-based profiling of fishing vessels falls short as a “proof of concept” for identifying forced labour at sea

Forced labour at sea is a serious human rights violation that must be addressed with policies that consider complex social, economic and political dynamics. So when a recent research paper in PNAS (McDonald et al.) concluded that a machine learning algorithm could identify vessels that are at “high risk” of  engaging in labour abuse, researchers from the Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center took notice.

What is Ocean Nexus

Collaborative Solutions

We are training a transdisciplinary international network of researchers integrating human-centered tools, perspectives, evidence and narratives.

Designed for Action

Ocean Nexus has the broad global network and deep resource capacity to act with urgency.

UW + EarthLab

We are housed within EarthLab at the University of Washington, which supports an equity-centered approach to solving environmental problems within one of the greatest research universities in the world.

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